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We know that your Belgian Blue Crosses are topping the sales in many sale barns all over the country. We like to know about it and publish it. It is free!

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Polled Belgian Blue Genetics

La Ferme Idéale Ltée (Marc Séguin)
  • Home of the "Ideale" polled Belgian Blues! Many natural calvers!
  • Polled is the natural solution to dehorning!
  • We have a good selection of polled BB embryo donors with assorted pedigrees for custom flushing!
  • Exportable semen from polled BB sires! See pictures below! All 3 were natural calvings!
  • Exportable embryos from polled dams!
  • Enquiries welcome!
  • Northern Ontario, Canada
Tel 1-705-898-3446

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Imagine how many other breeders are looking for what you've got. Canadian Belgian Blue Beef cattle.

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