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[posted Feb 7, 2015]

Polled Purebred Belgian Blue  

Idéale Polled Pirate ET RC 
- Born Feb.21 2014 
- Sire: AS De Trèfle Du Vanova 
- Dam: Idéale Polled Red Hot 

- A unique  opportunity to introduce the polled gene in your BB herd via embryos.  
- Will flush with your choice of BB sire upon request. Order early. 
- DNA tested heterozygous polled = 50% of progeny will be naturally polled (hornless), by any Belgian Blue sire.  
- Early puberty: first heat at 10 months. 
- 910 lbs (413kgs) at 11 months, for a 2.45 lbs  (1.11kg)/daily gain & a height of 120 cm (+9 cm).  
- Excellent conformation & walk. Extremely quiet. 
- For additional information: 
and more polled cattle at: 


 Two year old Full Blood BELGIAN BLUE BULLS for sale 

Asking $3000 each.
For more information or to view more photos please contact
El Shaddai Farms
at, 403-556-7454

Bull #1

Bull #2

Bull #3 

Bull #1

Born: April 4, 2011
Sire: Devonshire Neptune
Dam: Devonshire Lattitude
Birth Weight: 80 pounds

Bull #2

Born: April 9, 2011
Sire: Devonshire Neptune
Dam: Devonshire Madonna
Birth Weight: 100 pounds

Bull #3

Born: April 22, 2011
Sire: Devonshire Neptune
Dam: Bluebos Wilma
Birth Weight: 80 pounds

Idéale Polled Blueprint ET (Purebred)
Idéale Polled Blueprint ET (Purebred)

Polled Test Report Polled Blue Print ET

[posted June 5, 2012]
Rare Polled Belgian Blue Genetics

Polled genetics are the natural alternative to dehorning, while totally eliminating pain caused by dehorning.
After 18 years of intense selection in our quest for polled and functional Belgian Blues, we now have a promising young polled purebred female called Idéale Polled Blueprint ET. She will be flushed upon request when she comes of age. One should expect 50% of polled offspring, regardless of BB sire used, since the polled gene is dominant over the horned gene.
We are now offering contract flushes and/or embryo orders for spring-summer 2013 and beyond. If you wish for embryos sired by a bull of Belgian or British origin, we would need advance notice to import the semen, if it is importable into Canada.
Born: November 29, 2011
Birth weight: 82lbs / 37kg
Daily gain: 2.46lbs / 1.12kg (from birth to 6 months)
Sire: Banquier Du Moulin Derbaix
Dam: Idéale Polled Lindy RC
She is considered an outcross to modern BB bloodlines.
Banquier du Moulin Derbaix was a tall, blue, good legged and massive bull. He measured 1.54m in height, with a weight of 1350kg at 6 years and 11 months.
Idéale Polled Lindy RC is the 4th generation of a polled and natural calving maternal line. She is a long cow, slightly above breed average for height, and with very good muscling. She is a black and white Gribouille De La Bonne Raie daughter that carries the red gene.
For more information and pricing, please contact Marc Séguin:
Tel: 1-705-898-3446 (please leave a message after 8 rings)  

Ideale Fancy Fanzi, RC as a yearling
[posted January 11, 2012]
Belgian Blue Semen
Limited Supply

Sire: Fanzi de Bois Borsu
Dam: Idéale Fanatique ET

Born naturally, 88 lbs.

Idéale Fancy Fanzi RC has been and still is being successfully used on the breeder’s farm, mainly on Jersey X Holstein cows.

In pure breeding, Fancy works best on taller cows needing improvement in the rear leg set.
He adds muscling to his calves, while still being a calving ease sire and carries the red gene.

Price: $15 per dose plus shipping.

Semen available at:
Owner: El Shadai Farms (Olds, Alberta)
Tel: 403-556-7454.
Breeder: La Ferme Idéale Ltée. (Noëlville, Ontario)
Tel: 705-898-3446
Top view, three years old
Daughter, Ideale Polled Red Hot

(Click image to
download -- Adobe PDF)

BB Calf Performance Data
Updated: October 14, 2011

INFO: La Ferme Idéale Ltée
Marc Séguin
(705) 898-3446


Breeding Bull: Tom

Sire: De l'Orignal Kamikaze
Dam: Mini (PLG2M)
Grandfather: Rival du Molina
Great Grandfather: Hebrue
DOB: Oct 6, 2007
Birth Weight: 112 lbs

Tom is a very balanced bull with excellent temperament, good feet and legs and good muscling.  Present weight is approximately 1300 lbs. He has gained over 3 pounds per day when fed accordingly.

INFO:  (819) 689-5395 (ask for Peter)

BBB Semen for stock breeders

BBB Apache de l'Orgelot at 20 $

Semen Code: BB 15090
Price: 20 $ FOB Lefaivre
Paternal Sire: Istamboul de l'Orgelot
Maternal Sire: Albatros de Bois Borsu
Birthweight index : 92
365 day weight index : 106
365 day height index : 94
Muscle/Type Index : 121

An outstanding bull that combines high scores for height and feet and legs. Perfect to breed range bulls. Height and excellency in feet and legs are also stacked in his maternal (96) and paternal (92) pedigree.

Excellent taureau avec de hauts scores pour la taille et la qualité des aplombs. Le géniteur tout désigné pour produire des taureaux de saillie naturelle. La taille et l'excellence des aplombs sont confirmés par des indexes de 96 du côté maternel et de 92 côté paternel.

INFO: Marie GOUBAU- La Gantoise (613) 679-4133 - website

Belgian Blue Bulls
Excel at Crossbreeding

BBB Semen for cross breeding:

BBB Canari de Maharenne

Semen Code: BBB 9242
Paternal Sire: Label de Spy
Maternal Sire: Acajou de Somme
Price: 8 $ FOB Lefaivre
Birthweight index: 86
365 day weight index: 100
365 day height index: 103
Muscle/Type Index: 98

Widely used in all crossbreeding programs in Europe and North America. Confirmed calving ease.

Un taureau de croisement utilisé en Europe en Amérique du Nord Facilité de vêlage garantie.

INFO: Marie GOUBAU - La Gantoise (613) 679-4133 - website

Fanny Fullblood BB and Calf

Embryos and confirmed pregnant recipients for sale

INFO: Marie GOUBAU- La Gantoise (613) 679-4133 - website

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