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Polled Belgian Blue Semen for sale

The polled gene is the natural alternative to dehorning. This polled Belgian blue bull was developed by La Ferme Ideale Ltee in partnership with Belgian Blue Group (BBG). Semen is available worldwide. Semen on this young heterozygous polled Belgian Blue bull - Ideale Dehorner Pp, is also available in Canada.

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Purebred Bulls for sale by Peter Gleason

TORNEDO           Sold 

Tornado is purebred bull that was born August 21, 2015. 

He was an unassisted, natural birth weighing 90 pounds.

Presently, he weighs approximately 1000 pounds.

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Patty  the other purebred bull from Peter Gleason




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Patty is a purebred bull that was born on March 18, 2015.

He weighed 90 lbs at birth and was born naturally.

 He is a very thick, well muscled bull with good height and temperament. 


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